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Certified Sustainable

Sustainability in the wine industry

California Sustainable Winegrowing is a certification program that provides verification by a third-party auditor that a winery or vineyard implements sustainable practices and continuous

When you drink a certified sustainably grown wine, you are supporting a farmer, a vintner, and a community that embraces its responsibility to take care of the environment.


Integrated Pest Management

We limit crop protection to a bare minimum in our vineyards. We create and maintain owl habitat, raptor perches, and implement insectary zones to attract beneficial insects.


We integrate the management of our vineyards with the ecosystem by introducing and preserving native plants, maintaining riparian habitats, and protecting sensitive species.

Air Quality Control

We plant native cover crops and limit vehicle use to reduce dust and greenhouse gases.

Water Management

We constantly monitor soil moisture and measure the vines’ water needs. We use low volume drip irrigation to regulate water use.

Soil Health

Healthy living soils grow great wines. We add organic matter by planting cover crops and utilizing compost.

Renewable Energy Sources

Solar and wind energy systems provide power for vineyard and winery operation.


Here at Ramona Ranch, we strive to build and maintain a sustainable environment that will benefit plants, animals, and people for years to come.

While sipping our award-winning wines, take a look around and you might notice:

  • Our insectary of native plants and certified wildlife habitat foster biodiversity and integrated pest management.
  • The entire operation is powered by renewable energy from solar panels and a wind turbine.
  • Drip irrigation in the vineyards prevents run-off and allows for efficient water management that meets the vines’ needs.
  • Our animals help us ensure healthy soil management in our gardens and promote local agriculture and farm-fresh food.

“Sustainability and honoring our gardens, orchard, vineyards and open spaces that are a part of our ranch is important to us.”

After more than five years, Ramona Ranch is proud to be the first and only certified sustainable winegrowing operation in San Diego County.


Vine Control
Pruning balances foliage and fruit growth, and controls the quality and amount of fruit set on the vine.

Pest Control
Careful management and proper pruning reduces the need for pest control and allows us to focus on only major threats such as sharpshooters, grapevine moths, and spider mites.

Weed Control
Cover crops reduce dust and prevent the growth of weeds. The rest is done by mowing and hand-hoeing.

Disease Control
We exercise timely pruning to prevent contamination of open cuts and use sulfur as a natural fungicide only when necessary according to the UC Davis Spray Index.

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